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With Dr. Manhattan’s Return, Watchmen’s Heroes, Villains Are Clear



Spoiler alert: this story contains spoilers for Watchmen‘s seventh episode.

  • Watchmen has been a tangled story, but it looks like our heroes and our villains are finally starting to take shape.
  • Episode 7 has many pieces finally looking like they fit into a certain piece of the puzzle.
  • One major mystery remains, but we should have you covered for the rest here.

    Watchmen, by nature, has been a confusing show. A common refrain for people tends to be ‘I don’t know what’s going on,’ and as long as you’re paying proper attention, that’s by design. Damon Lindelof, like his mentor and former LOST colleague J.J. Abrams, subscribes to the ‘Mystery Box’ ideology of storytelling; you need to dangle something, and want your audience to want to figure it out. Watchmen, in essence, has done just that—and now that we’ve seen seven of the show’s nine chapters (at least in its first season; a second season hasn’t yet been announced, but Lindelof has also made clear that this first season will be self-contained), where things fit into the larger picture are really starting to become clear. And with a certain character—cough, Dr. Manhattan, cough—finally making his return at the end of the episode, we’re finally getting the return of the comic’s most powerful hero.

    But still, you might need just a bit of brushing up. There have been quite a few moving pieces and details to remember. So, for now, let’s re-examine our primary characters in Watchmen, and figure out where everything, and everyone stands.

    The Biggest Mystery Remaining By Far:

    Lady Trieu

    lady trieu watchmen hero villai


    First of all, let’s just give a quick shoutout to Hong Chau. What an absolutely compelling character she’s crafted here in only a handful of appearances; she is stunning every time she comes on screen, demanding the viewer’s attention. That being said, we still have… basically no idea what her plan is. She’s probably a hero, considering her relationship with Will Reeves, but she could also just be doing her own thing; she sort of has that sinister air around her when interacting with Angela. We’ll find out in the next two weeks, but it’s hard to plant a flag too firmly in either direction as of now.


    Angela Abar/Sister Night

    hbo watchmen regina king


    Come on. You don’t need this one explained.

    Wade Tillman/Looking Glass

    watchmen looking glass pod scene tim blake nelson


    We were worried for a second there after episode five, when LG had his third eye opened after his encounter with the Seventh Kavalry, and learning the truth about Adrian Veidt and the Squid attack. Even though he turned Angela in to Laurie Blake, that’s still consistent with his absolute moral code, and with Petey discovering his bunker filled with… uh…slaughtered white supremacists, we can feel pretty confident that Looking Glass is still going to side with the good guys when it’s all said and done.

    Laurie Blake

    laurie blake hbo watchmen jean smart


    We didn’t ever really need to question this one (she’s one of the original Watchmen, after all), but she did come on strong playing something of an antagonistic role to Angela in the early going. Still, we saw in the last two weeks as she used Angela’s overdose on Nostalgia to eventually figure out the larger evil plan; Now, we just have to wait and see how she gets out of it.

    Will Reeves

    watchmen hbo will reeves


    Here’s a major change-up. When we first met Will, what with his claiming responsibility for the death of a seemingly-good police chief, well, he seemed like bad news. But it’s funny what a few weeks and a lot of backstory can change. Will isn’t just Will—he’s Hooded Justice—and as he said both as a young and old man, he’s uncovered a vast, and insidous conspiracy in Tulsa. There’s still a lot of time in this man’s life that’s uncharted—like, 71 years worth—but we think this has, in a way, become his story.

    Agent Petey

    agent petey hbo watchmen


    Petey is a good guy. Come on. Still think he might be Lube Man, though.

    Red Scare and Pirate Jenny

    watchmen hbo red scare pirate jenny


    This pair of wonderfully-named masked cops have mostly fallen into comic relief roles in the last few episodes, but it’s hard to imagine them as anything other than well-meaning police. Red Scare was eating Cheetos with a fork in Episode 7, though, which should be a little suspicious to anyone.

    Cal/Dr. Manhattan? We think?

    cal jon dr manhattan watchmen hbo


    From the get-go, Cal—Angela’s husband—has seemed a little bit too good to be true. Outside of an ice-cold explanation of death to the couple’s three kids, he’s been nothing but a model, caring husband, with the occasional mention of “his accident.” Well, we don’t know what that accident was, but when Angela called him “Jon” at the end of the episode, and then, well, hit the crap out of his head with a hammer…that seemed like something. Even if we didn’t have an eyebrow raised to this super-violent act, the blue shine should tell us all we need to know. A certain Doctor? Yeah, he’s back.


    Senator Joe Keene

    senator joe keene watchmen villain


    We had this one figured out a few weeks ago when he confronted Looking Glass with his Kavalry mask on, but Keene put his evil plan on full display in Episode 7, complete with a requisite “It’s a hard time to be a white man in America” monologue (a bit on-the-nose, but point taken). Keene is shaping up to be the season’s big bad, and in a lot of ways, his plan seems to mirror Adrian Veidt’s original one from the novel—create chaos, and leave himself as the logical leader and choice. We knew he had presidential aspirations, but this latest episode has us thinking that it could go even further

    Judd Crawford

    don johnson the comedian watchmen judd crawford


    It seemed like an early tragedy when Judd was killed in Watchmen‘s first episode, but now we’ve found out that he was pulling a trick on just about everyone. Judd wasn’t the open-minded, sweet policeman that Don Johnson portrayed him as; in fact, he had a much darker side just beneath the surface. It started with the Klan robe in his closet, and continued with him telling Will Reeves “I’m trying to help you people.” Judd tricked Angela, and others, into thinking he was someone he’s not.

    Jane Crawford

    jane crawford watchmen hbo


    This one was a twist, huh? But we really should’ve seen it coming—think about how OK she was with everything we saw Judd doing back in the first episode; telling, that she would be OK and along for the larger, eviler, plan at hand. Plus, her lack of shock at his death made it sort of seem (in retrospect) like part of her saw it coming; she knew the risks involved with planning some wild stuff. In Episode 7, Jane basically goes full mustache-twirling villain, saying that Keene becoming President seemed like “small potatoes,” before pressing a button and dropping Laurie into a trap door. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.

    Adrian Veidt (Come on…)

    watchmen jeremy irons adrian veidt


    OK. So. This one might be a little tough to decipher, because it can be so difficult to separate the character himself, and the specific portrayal of the character. Jeremy Irons is turning in such a fun and undeniable version of Adrian Veidt, that it can be hard to remember the character’s background—he killed three million people by dropping a giant squid on them. Not good. Not good at all. As funny as it might be when he’s launching a clone into space, or farting in a courtroom filled with clones, it’s always going to come down on the side of villain. Adrian Veidt is a villain. Bold call, I know. That being said, he’s clearly got some plan, and Damon Lindelof has alluded that his series will find Veidt re-converging with the show’s main storyline at some point. Once he makes his return from wherever he is, could he flip to the other side? Probably not, but with Watchmen, we can’t really rule anything out.

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Who Was Tony Pro? The True Story of The Irishman Character.




While Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino lead The Irishman in their roles of Frank Sheeran, Russell Bufalino, and Jimmy Hoffa, respectively, it’s the movie’s supporting characters that managed, at times, to steal the show. Bobby Cannavale shined as gangster Felix “Skinny Razor” DiTullio, and Sebastian Maniscalco was brilliant as “Crazy” Joe Gallo, but it’s Stephen Graham’s turn as Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano that really has fans talking.

Pro is a key part of most of The Irishman‘s second and third acts, but the movie doesn’t delve into his later life, leading fans to wonder what happened to the New Jersey mobster. Here’s what we know about Tony Pro’s true-life story.

    Who was Tony Pro?

    Tony Pro’s real name was Anthony Provenzano, and he was born in New York City in 1917. Not much is known about his early life, but by the 1950s, he was president of the Teamsters Local 560 in Union City, New Jersey, and vice-president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He was also a made member of the Genovese crime family.

    While The Irishman portrays Pro and Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa as enemies pretty much from the beginning, the two were actually friendly for many years. It was later revealed that the two men were using union funds for their own personal use. Pro went to prison in 1963 for extortion, and Hoffa went to prison in 1967 for bribery and fraud, and they both ended up serving time at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.

    James R. Hoffa, Gen. Pres. of International Brotherhood of T

    Jimmy Hoffa and Anthony Provenzano with two other Teamsters leaders during happier times.

    New York Daily News ArchiveGetty Images

    Their relationship soured while in prison, as Pro learned that he wasn’t going to be eligible to get his Teamsters pension anymore. “Jimmy refused to help Pro go around the federal law and get his $1.2 million pension when he went to jail, while Jimmy got his $1.7 million pension even though he went to jail, too,” Sheeran claimed in the I Heard You Paint Houses book. Hoffa further angered Pro when he allegedly told him, “It’s because of people like you that I got into trouble in the first place.”

    After they both were released from prison in the ’70s, Pro and Hoffa’s relationship continued to worsen. They reportedly came across each other during a chance meeting at an airport, and Hoffa is said to have broken a bottle over Pro’s head, while the mobster told the union boss that he would “rip his guts out with his bare hands and kill his grandchildren.”

    In 1975, Hoffa disappeared. He had been in Detroit for a meeting with Pro and mobster Anthony Giacalone, but they never showed up. Hoffa was last seen getting into a maroon Mercury in the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan, but no one knows what happened to him after that.

    And while Sheeran later said he was the one that killed Hoffa, the case is still unsolved. However, most experts believe that Pro had something to do with it—he had an infamous grudge against Hoffa, and while some say he was in New Jersey the day of Hoffa’s disappearance, other reports place him in Detroit. Pro was named as a suspect on the FBI’s report about the case, called the Hoffex Memo, along with Giacalone and Russell Bufalino.

    Portrait of Anthony Provenzano with Newsmen

    Tony Pro talks with journalists in Florida in 1975. Pro reportedly explained that he was a friend of Jimmy Hoffa and he had nothing to do with his disappearance.

    BettmannGetty Images

    And in an interesting twist, Nixon’s first public appearance after resigning as President was with Pro and some other Teamsters leaders at a golf course, just ten weeks after Hoffa’s disappearance.

    Where is Tony Pro today?

    In 1978, Pro was convicted of ordering the 1961 murder of Anthony Castellito, the Local Teamsters 560’s secretary-treasurer. He was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder. A month after getting that sentence, Pro was also sentenced to four years for arranging kickbacks on a $2.3 million pension-fund loan. A year after that, he was also convicted on labor racketeering charges, which landed him another 20-year prison term.

    Teamster Anthony Provenzano Arriving for His Trial

    Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano arrives for his trial on labor racketeering charges in 1979.

    BettmannGetty Images

    Pro died in prison in 1988 at the age of 71. He’s buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Hackensack, New Jersey.

    Which actor played Tony Pro in The Irishman?

    English actor Stephen Graham plays Tony Pro in The Irishman. And while it’s unclear if Pro ever showed up to meetings in shorts like he did in the movie, the mobster was once described as a “short, stocky and ham-fisted man who bore the scars of his young years as an amateur boxer.”

    Before the movie’s release, Graham talked to Esquire UK about how he got cast for the film. He recounted speaking with De Niro and director Martin Scorsese in Scorsese’s house, and the legendary duo spent some time talking amongst each other. “They’re gonna say I’m not Italian-looking enough, my accent,” Graham recalls thinking. “They don’t understand what I’m saying anyway, so how can I pull it off?”

    Graham and Scorsese had actually worked together on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire before reuniting for The Irishman. In that series, Graham played another notorious and hot-headed crime figure: Chicago gangster Al Capone. Scorsese directed him in the pilot, and was an executive producer for the remainder of the show’s run.

    After Scorsese told him that he had gotten the Irishman role, Graham said that he “felt like I’ve just been made, do you know what I mean? Like I’d been accepted into the family.”


    Stephen Graham as Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano in The Irishman


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You Probably Don’t Need to Eat Extra Protein, Study Says




  • Protein is a vital macronutrient that keeps us healthy and builds muscle.
  • However, a new study says many people don’t need to eat more than the recommended amount of protein.
  • A high-protein diet is best for dieters trying to maintain muscle or people trying to increase mass.

    There’s no denying that protein is important to maintain muscle mass, bone function, and overall health. But, does the average person really need to eat a high-protein diet?

    That’s the question researchers from Perdue University sought to determine in a new study published in the journal Advances in Nutrition. The team analyzed 18 studies and looked at whether exceeding the recommended daily amount (RDA) of protein impacted a person’s body mass compared to those who ate the suggested amount. It’s generally advised that all adults eat roughly 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, meaning a 180-pound guy would need about 65 grams of protein each day.

    The team found that consuming protein in excess of the RDA didn’t impact composition in people who weren’t dieting or specifically weight training to bulk up their muscle mass.

    According to Kacie Vavrek, R.D. at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, this study just reinforces what dietitians already practice.

    “Dietitians understand that periods of low energy intake require more protein to prevent muscle loss, and periods of high stress or increased physical training would also require a higher protein intake to support muscle mass,” she tells Men’s Health.

    Vavrek explains most sedentary people are fine sticking to the 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight. But people trying to lose weight or those who are very physically active should work with a dietitian to find the amount that’s best for their bodies, she says. Active guys generally want to aim for 1.3-2.0grams of protein per kilogram of weight, but the exact amount varies based on goals, lifestyle and health status, she says.

    “There is no one-size-fits-all diet or protein intake goal for any one person,” says Vavrek.

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26 Winter Date Ideas for When It’s Cold AF




Winter is no longer coming. It’s here with a vengeance. If you haven’t be lucky enough to get cuffed this snowy season, you’ll have to actually leave your apartment for dates. While beaches and park picnics are out of the question, there are still plenty of fun date ideas for the winter season. And some, you can only do in the winter, so absolutely take advantage of those.

With that said, here are 27 great winter date ideas.

1. Indoor mini golf

      Indoor mini golf always costs more than you think it will, but it’s a great idea for a couple of reasons. First off, you’re inside and can stay warm. Second, you don’t have to force conversation. If you’re talking about something interesting, of course, continue talking about it, but otherwise, you can just have fun golfing together.

      Pro tip: If you have a competitive side, now is not the time to let it out. This is mini-golf, not the PGA tour. Your main priority is having fun and getting to know them—not winning the game.

      3D Minigolf

      Isa FoltinGetty Images

      2. Sledding

      There’s a term in social psychology called the “misattribution of arousal.” It’s a process whereby people mistake the cause of what’s arousing them. How does this relate to sledding? Well, sledding is exhilarating. It causes your adrenaline to rush and your heart to race. Your date may assume that you’re the one causing her heart to pump, as opposed to the adventure itself.

      Also, sledding is super fun.

      Pro tip: Grab some hot chocolate afterwards to warm yourselves up.

      Couple in the snow play with dog

      supersizerGetty Images

      3. Museum or gallery opening

      Add a little ~ CuLtURe ~ to your date by taking your partner to a museum or gallery opening. Show off what you learned in that Intro to Art History course you took freshman year and got a solid B- in.

      Pro tip: Before you decide where you’re going, ask your partner what kind of art they like and offer a few suggestions in case they’ve already seen the exhibit or have no desire to attend.

      Caucasian couple walking in courthouse

      Hill Street StudiosGetty Images

      4. Ginger Bread House

      Why not build a ginger break house together? It’s fun, artsy, and allows you two to explore your more creative sides together. It’s also a great photo op if either of you loves taking pics for the ‘Gram.

      Pro tip: For an extra challenge, make a ginger bread house together only using ingredients you have lying around the house.

      Couple Standing At Exhibition

      Lingjing Liu / EyeEmGetty Images

      5. Wine tasting

      Your partner doesn’t have to be a sommelier to appreciate this date. In fact, it’s probably more fun if they like wine, but don’t know much about it. A vineyard is out of the question in the dead of winter, but if you do a Google search, you should be able to find some tasting rooms in your area. If you’re on a budget, wine stores sometimes offer free tastings.

      Pro tip: After your tasting, buy an actual bottle of wine that you can split together (instead of spitting it all out like a fancy person).

      6. Go holiday shopping

      We don’t necessarily think of “shopping” as an ideal first date, but holiday shopping isn’t just shopping. There’s something—dare I say—magical about it. Especially if you stop to warm up with hot chocolate or mulled wine. And if you’re bad at buying presents for family members and friends, having someone to help you is selfishly, a very good idea.

      Pro tip: Don’t do it at the mall. See if there’s a charming holiday market in your area, where you can wander through the maze of decked-out kiosks.

      With you by my side I could never get lost! - Christmas vacations

      spyderskidooGetty Images

      7. Cook together

      A survey found that cooking ability is one of the most appealing qualities a man can have. Prove to your partner that you’re an ideal mate by preparing a meal together. Go for something simple but delicious, like homemade pizza (not the frozen kind) or doing breakfast for dinner.

      Pro tip: If you’re feeling ambitious, try a recipe you’ve never made before. Doing something new together is a great way to increase bonding.

      Gay couple preparing food in kitchen at home

      MaskotGetty Images

      8. Game night

      You can either have a game night alone, where you play Scrabble, video games, or another 2-person game, or make it a double date with another couple.

      Pro tip: No one likes a sore loser.

      9. Gym date

      Hitting the gym with your date can strengthen your relationship and your actual workout. According to research, people who work out with a partner feel more happy and energetic than people who work out alone. Also, there’s something sexy and primal about seeing each other soaked in sweat.

      Pro tip: Don’t mansplain any lifting techniques.

      Young woman with training partner preparing to lift barbell in gym

      Westend61Getty Images

      10. Bowling

      Hear us out. We’re well aware bowling never sounds fun. But when you actually get to the alley and start bowling, it is strangely fun. It’s old-timey! You can laugh at your poor performance, because hardly anyone’s actually good at bowling! And as with mini golf, you can talk as much as you want—or, if your date isn’t super chatty, you can just go ahead and bowl.

      Pro tip: Again, as with mini golf: Don’t get weirdly competitive, please.

      Bowling Shoes

      SeanShotGetty Images

      11. Check out Christmas lights

      Most cities have an area or at least a street where there’s an elaborate production of Christmas lights on display. Go and check them out together.

      Pro tip: The only thing is that this might be a quick date depending on how long the street is, so it may be good to grab a coffee or head to a bar afterward.

      Smiling couple admiring items in widow while holiday shopping on winter evening

      Thomas BarwickGetty Images

      12. Indoor rock climbing

      There’s a reason Bachelor contestants always do bungee jumping or rappelling or some other kind of adrenaline-pumping date: Overcoming an exhilarating challenge together definitely increases bonding. With rock climbing, you’ll definitely want to check that they’re into the idea beforehand—but if they are, this is a really fun activity. It’s okay if you’re not belay certified—plenty of gyms have auto-belay systems for beginners to climb on their own.

      Pro tip: If you’re not into heights, try bouldering instead.

      Fit couple rock climbing indoors

      WavebreakmediaGetty Images

      13. Drink and paint

      Across the United States, there are multiple companies that throw what I’m just going to call a “drink and paint” night. You drink some wine or beer, and together, the class paints the same landscape with the help of a teacher. Even if you are a terrible painter, somehow, the paintings always turn out half-decent.

      Pro tip: Don’t get too drunk on the drinks, even if it’s tempting.

      14. Trivia

      We’d recommend asking your partner if they want to do it first, because some people hate trivia (especially if they’re terrible at it). If they’re game, head to a pub trivia night together. You might end up realizing you both have encyclopedic Star Wars knowledge!

      Pro tip: If it’s a third or fourth date and you want to start introducing them to your friends, then this is a great opportunity.

      Christmas romance.

      gilaxiaGetty Images

      15. Book Reading

      Reading books makes you more attractive to women, according to data collected by eHarmony. If you two are little bookworms, find a book reading that’s happening at your local neighborhood bookstore.

      Pro tip: Offer to buy them the signed book afterwards.

      Couple is selecting new books in the bookstore

      Eva-KatalinGetty Images

      16. Picnic in your living room

      Just because you can’t have a picnic outside doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic at all. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, a cheese platter, and spread on out on your living room floor. Best part? No ants!

      Pro tip: Don’t half-ass it. Still have a picnic basket even though you’re not going anywhere. Your date will appreciate all the thought you put into the date.

      Theee Red Apples in a Picnic Basket

      Adrienne BresnahanGetty Images

      17. Play Jeopardy!

      With the classic game show now on Netflix, you can pretend Alex Trebek is in your living room. Play Jeopardy! on your TV, and you can pause in between questions (or answers, really) to keep score.

      Pro tip: This does take a little bit of work and patience to pause and keep score, but if you’re both Jeopardy! fans, it’s definitely worth the effort.

      It's a movie marathon

      milanvirijevicGetty Images

      18. Get out of town

      Probably not ideal for a first or second date, but if you’ve been with your partner for some time, and you’re both starting to get Seasonal Affective Disorder, then book a trip somewhere warm.

      Pro tip: If you don’t have the funds to book a flight somewhere warm, scour Airbnb for a small, remote cabin where the two of you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

      Playful couple running on sunny beach

      Hero ImagesGetty Images

      19. Cooking class

      If you don’t think you have the skills to cook alone with your partner, then take a cooking class together. It’s a great activity where you still have the ability to chat. And at the end, you get to feast!

      Pro tip: Many cooking classes fill up quickly, so you’ll want to book a little in advance if possible.

      Smiling woman tying apron for man in cooking class kitchen

      Caiaimage/Agnieszka OlekGetty Images

      20. Snowman

      You probably saw this date idea coming from a mile away. During winter, it’s obligatory to build at least one snowman on a date.

      Pro tip: Since odds are building a snowman won’t take you that long, you can also make snow angels or get into a little snowball fight. Or go inside and make hot toddies.

      Young friends making snowman in the snow in winter

      wundervisualsGetty Images

      21. Karaoke night

      Karaoke is always fun. It also shows you can be vulnerable because unless you’re actually a good singer, you’re going to look somewhat silly. That’s just the nature of karaoke.

      Pro tip: If it’s too cold to leave the apartment, bring karaoke night to your living room. Yokee is a karaoke app that actually works great. Plug your phone into a set of speakers and let the music blast.

      Happy couple singing karaoke in nightclub

      Cavan ImagesGetty Images

      23. Bake holiday treats

      Go ahead and make those treats you really only eat during the holiday season, like mint chocolate bark, gingerbread cake, or Christmas cookies.

      Pro tip: If baking isn’t your style, go ahead and make some homemade eggnog together.

      Couple preparing food in kitchen at home

      Cavan ImagesGetty Images

      24. Book a brewery tour

      Head to a brewery tour and try out all the seasonal beers they only have on tap during the winter.

      Pro tip: Try to find a brewery with a larger beer hall after, so you can stay and drink there comfortably. Order two flights and sample everything they have on tap!

      Close-up shot of a couple cheering with two different kind of beers, on the patio of a microbrewery

      InstantsGetty Images

      25. Acroyoga class

      Acroyoga is a portmanteau of acrobatics and yoga—and if you can find a couple’s class, you’ll learn how to configure your bodies into super-cool positions. Which, you know, could be useful for later in the evening.

      Pro tip: Stretch even before you get there. Stretch after. Seriously, you can’t stretch enough for this class. It’s probably going to be a lot more challenging than you think.

      Joyful people practicing acroyoga outdoors

      swissmediavisionGetty Images

      26. Ice skating

      Last but certainly not least, you can go ice skating. It’s a classic winter date idea for a reason. Everyone loves it.

      Pro tip: This is an extremely romantic gesture, so we wouldn’t recommend taking someone you’re only casually dating to the rink.

      Having fun on ice

      AleksandarNakicGetty Images

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